We’ll be in India for Heat Treatment Congress 2019!

Allied is proud to be a sponsor of Heat Treatment Congress 2019 in Pune, India. Our own, Chuck Essman, will be speaking on cost effective refractory solutions for heat treating and forging furnaces with case studies to support. The audience includes a mix of heat treating professionals in the automobile, aerospace, foundry, forging and molding industries.

Some common issues and concerns Chuck will address are thermal shock, mechanical impact and furnace maintenance.

Refractory Product Solutions

  • ARMORMAX® 70 SR is a 70% alumina low cement castable that contains a high amount of stainless steel fibers throughout. This provides fracture toughness and impact resistance. View our case study here.

  • LCF 798A is an adalusite based product with added organic fibers to minimize dry out time. This product provides improved refractory technology for thermal shock burner blocks.

  • DRI-VIBE® 434A case study

    • Reduced heat up
    • Easy install
    • No concerns of steam spalling
    • Can be used as a patching material
    • Great density and strengths
    • Volume stability to combat thermal cycling

…AND MUCH MORE! If you’re attending, be sure to listen in!