We have had the pleasure of working with customers around the world. Here is what they have to say.

“We are happy with the excellent professionalism and the very high quality of the materials made available by Allied Mineral Products. We have been very pleased by the accuracy put in place by Allied Mineral for the preventive technical analysis of the works and the excellent results obtained after the execution of the work. We greatly appreciated the results of the new refractory on the inbed tubes, which represented a significant improvement that promises high reliability. Regarding the work on the combustor roof, we appreciated the respect for deadlines and the high quality of the human and technological resources put in place.”

– Luigi Caruso

“The finished precast refractory shapes Allied created for us looked great. Your design was just about as perfect as it gets. Employees from the plant were even taking pictures of themselves standing in front of it. I know you were tight with time to manufacture these, so I appreciate all that Allied did to get them to us by the deadline.”

-East Coast Customer

“Recently on a large project, my team and I unexpectedly ran short of some Allied refractory materials. Within a day, Allied was able to evaluate my need for material and respond by manufacturing and shipping the material within a thirty-hour window. This quick response allowed for our customer to have no down-time. It was the most impressive material turnaround I have seen from a supplier in quite some time. The Allied team has also continued to provide me with unmatched customer support, no matter how large or small the issue. This kind of support is greatly appreciated!”

-Virginia Carolina Refractory

“Over the last couple of years, we have had numerous requests for significant amounts of Allied materials on very short notice. I cannot think of a single instance in which we had to tell a customer their material would be unavailable. A lot of plants are running on tight schedules with high volumes and downtime is very costly. You have made a lasting impression on both myself and my customers – it means a lot.”

– K-Industrial

“As a smaller fine arts-based foundry, we really appreciate the level of customer service provided by Allied Mineral. It’s not every day that a representative of the company will do a site visit and provide technical assistance specific to your particular application of their product. Not only did Shane come to visit our humble foundry, but he provided expert advice and freely shared his many years of foundry experience. Outstanding products with unmatched customer service!”

– Jay Elias, Evolution Art Studio

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