A trusted ceramic refractory solution for aluminum applications

Allied’s QUICK-FIRE® product line is designed to meet the needs of virtually any environment.

The two component technology in QUICK-FIRE® products utilizes a liquid phosphate bonding system that improves performance and reduces downtime. There is a mix suitable for all applications, including harsh metal contact areas below the melt line and non-metal contact areas such as doors, burner blocks and maintenance above the melt line.

Most QUICK-FIRE® mixes can be used to repair existing refractory or cast as a new lining. Benefits include:

  • Non-wetting properties
  • Short mixing and working time and improved flow ability
  • Quick set time & rapid dry out
  • Existing ceramic materials
  • Thermal shock resistance


QUICK-FIRE® 88 wall veneer in top charge melting furnace

QUICK-FIRE® 88 was installed in a 17.5 ft x 33 ft 220,000 lb top charge melting furnace as a wall veneer over existing refractory.

The furnace walls are regularly subjected to high abrasion during cleaning and dross removal. QUICK-FIRE® 88 was an ideal choice for extending the lining life by casting a veneer layer on top of the existing refractory ceramic to better withstand the harsh conditions.

The furnace has been in service with no need for wall maintenance for more than two years. Previously, the furnace was on a quarterly repair schedule.