Thermal & Integrated Materials

We serve you with complete solutions

Allied offers a wide range of ancillary items in addition to our extensive ceramic refractory products. Allied products also include insulation materials, dense and lightweight bricks, nozzles, refractory ceramic coatings, installation equipment and many other products. Our extensive product line makes it simple to source everything required for your application.


Fiber, modules, blanket, paper and hardware. We carry products from Thermal Ceramics and Nutec that are specialized for your application.

Backup insulation boards to enhance lining efficiency.

A wide variety of firebrick compositions and strengths to fit a range of applications.

IFB for your specific thermal requirements. We carry BNZ insulating firebrick which can withstand high temperatures and boost the efficiency of your furnace.

Allied ensures your ceramic refractory products are secured within your vessel by supplying a variety of anchors and related hardware.

Insulation products for the slip-plane in coreless induction furnaces. Our product catalog includes Vaporshield and Minro-Weave Cloth.

We provide the installation equipment you need for your specific application, including: Bosch Tamper, Electric Vibration System (EVS), Allied IDEAL RAMMER, Mud Hog refractory mixers and Martin Vibrators.

We proudly supply Hagenburger isostatically pressed rods, nozzles and other products to systems that require precise flow control.

A one-stop shop for the critical monitoring and reinforcement supplies that complete your furnace and ceramic refractory system. Along with thermocouples and wire, we provide ground wires and readout boxes.

Natural gas-powered burner systems designed for refractory heat-up and dry-out of coil grout, structural rings, sintering, and cold starting  of coreless induction furnaces.  These systems can also be used to preheat and dry out of ladles and tundishes.

Make furnace relines easier with forms from Allied.

Several loop designs, including single, twin and various sizes, are always stocked and ready for both scheduled and unplanned inductor changes.

Our patent-pending technology allows cleaner, higher quality metal in ferrous and non-ferrous foundry coreless induction furnaces.