MINRO STIR PRO Nozzles - Coreless Gas Purging

MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES bring the advantages of inert gas stirring of molten metals to the coreless induction furnace and foundries.

Customer experiences (ferrous and non-ferrous foundry):

  • Decreased dissolved gases in the metal
  • Increased cleanliness and fluidity
  • Improved metal density and alloy recovery
  • Decreased scrap castings
  • Less grinding required during finishing process
  • Reduced oxidation of molten metal bath in an air-melt application by providing a “blanket” of inert gas on top during bubbling
  • Multiple campaign use per nozzle
  • Suited for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries

Available in various types and sizes to fit a range of coreless furnaces, and designed for multiple campaign use.


  • SHROUDED STANDARD NOZZLE – durable stainless steel retainment can design
  • SHROUDED MINI NOZZLE – durable stainless steel retainment can, features small cross section, for 500 lb or smaller furnace
  • CAST NOZZLE – a fully ceramic design for high temperature applications or where magnetic coupling may be present