Modular Run-Out Pit

Prevent a Steam Explosion with Run-Out Pit Modules – The Quick Solution.


  • Easy to inspect and check safety condition
  • Simple and fast construction; install can be done by foundry staff which results in short plant downtime
  • Low use of resources
  • Safety system proven to prevent steam explosions

The smart design of these ROP Modules means they provide the best safety possible, while saving time and money:

  • Easy to inspect and check safety condition.
  • Not sensitive to contamination, easy to clean, and easy to repair. Maintenance and repair can be done by factory staff.
  • Replacement of individual modules possible and spare parts can be stocked on site.
  • Dust-free demolition and easy disposal or recycling.

Silmeta’s ROPs are an essential tool for safety-focused and cost-conscious foundries. Allied Mineral Products is the exclusive supplier of Silmeta Systems’ ROPs in North America.

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