Thermocouples & Wire

We pride ourselves on going beyond ceramic refractory materials to bring customers the essential components needed to complete their equipment requirements.

There’s no need to source from another vendor — our large catalog of supporting products includes thermocouples, fluke meters, ground wires and other related items. These supplies are important to furnace applications, ensuring safety and efficiency through accurate temperature monitoring and grounding systems.


  • Composed of a pair of wires: one positive chromel and one negative alumel
  • Maximum operating temperature of wires and sheath: 2300° F, 2150°F continuous
  • Recommended for oxidizing atmospheres – use in protection tube when in a reducing or sulfurous atmosphere
  • Primary applications: coreless and channel induction furnaces, annealing furnaces, slot forge furnaces, glass tank flues, hardening furnaces, steel soaking pits, waste heat boilers, incinerators, open hearth flue stacks, ORE roasters
  • Standard stock sizes: 5’, 10’, 15’ 20’, 30’
  • Readout boxes also available
  • Hand-held device used for thermocouple readings
  • Recommended for use in coreless induction furnaces as part of ground detection system
  • 80% nickel, 20% chrome; stable under all types of service conditions
  • Available in two maximum operating temperatures
    • 1650º F
    • 2150°F