Steel Hardware

Allied stocks and offers many specialized stainless-steel fasteners and anchors from trusted USA suppliers like RAI.

Refractory anchors specialize in high temperature alloy and stainless fasteners used to anchor refractories in furnaces and process equipment. The refractory anchor hardware is wire formed, die stamped, roll threaded and welded into a variety of anchoring products for castable monolithic, abrasion resistant and ceramic fiber refractory linings.


Grade Shape Continuous Limit
304 Melt Extract 1100°C  /  2012°F
310 Melt Extract 1200°C  /  2192°F
330 Melt Extract 1204°C  /  2200°F
430 Melt Extract 1000°C  /  1832°F
446 Melt Extract 1204°C  /  2200°F