Research and Technology

Allied’s state-of-the-art research facilities offer customized research and design refractory systems for metal melting and holding applications.

Allied has two research facilities: one at Allied’s corporate office in Columbus, Ohio, with 30 technically trained staff members; and another in Tianjin, China, with 10 additional technicians.

Beyond creating a wide variety of high performing refractory products, these facilities can provide innovative solutions through patent-generating research and extensive knowledge of product development, design and improvement.

Product testing

  • Onsite gunning and shotcreting lab
  • Modern analytical testing equipment (XRF, XRD, SEM)
  • Forensic analysis capabilities
  • Evaluations of specific metal slag and chemistry changes in contact with specific refractory products
  • Post-mortem analysis

Custom Solutions

  • Customized research and design systems
  • Unique installation properties – vibration cast, pump cast, gunning and shotcrete
  • Tailored product selection to improve refractory performance

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