We are excited to exhibit at GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Allied’s been preparing for GIFA, the world’s leading Foundry tradeshow, for over 2 years. We even completely redesigned our website! Now we are gearing up to showcase new products and solutions for our customers and prospects both online and at the tradeshow.

Allied has a long history of serving foundries. We provide resources and expertise to produce and recommend the right refractories for your process. We specialize in coreless and channel induction furnaces, cupolas, and ladles with refractory products or precast shapes to meet your need.


Learn how innovative technology like WAM® AL can reduce energy costs and make your job easier.

Featured Products

  • WAM® AL makes cleaning an aluminum diecasting furnace quick and easy
  • ARMORMAX® endures repeated thermal cycling, mechanical impact and abrasion due to its high reinforcing needle content
  • Z-TEK single-component, colloidal silica bonded refractory
  • TEK-CAST single-component, high performance castable for molten iron applications
  • QUICK-FIRE ONE® single-component, sets faster than most cement-bonded castables
  • X-ACT® strength reinforces and enhances refractory

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