Protect your floors from physical impact with TUFFLOOR®

TUFFLOOR® is a long-lasting refractory solution for industrial flooring. For over 20 years, the TUFFLOOR® product line has become a trusted resource for flooring in applications where there is exposure to molten metal splash, dross and slag. The key to its success is versatility. TUFFLOOR® products have excellent freeze thaw properties and can withstand [...]

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Increase the strength of precast shapes with Allied’s X-ACT® technology!

Allied’s X-ACT® technology uses multi-component composite refractory systems to increase reliability and provide more predictable performance in precast monolithic refractory shapes. We provide a thermomechanical benefit by incorporating high temperature reinforcement structures in the refractory during the manufacturing process. This patented technology can provide manufactured precast shapes as an option where prior use may have [...]

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Our  Research & Technology team is committed to meeting our customer's needs. That's why we created a complete line of pre-mixed, high quality mortars for various applications. These mortars are designed for use with insulating fire brick, super-duty, and high alumina bricks. We've got you covered with a variety of  mortars - from a [...]

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Precast Shapes Capabilities

Allied Mineral Products is unsurpassed in precast shape design and manufacturing.  We take pride in our six shapes production facilities and application engineering technologies that allow us to create complex, customized precast refractories of virtually any shape, up to eight metric tons. Our Pell City Shapes Plant is approximately 15,000 square feet.  The plant consists [...]

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Allied Mineral Products acquires WAM® AL II product line 

Allied Mineral Products has purchased the intellectual property rights to a collection of industry-leading products for the aluminum industry previously owned by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, Inc. The WAM® AL II line of patented products is internationally known for energy savings and resistance to corundum formation for aluminum producers. Allied will manufacture these products in their facilities in the U.S., Europe, India, Russia, China, South Africa, [...]

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Visit Allied at MMTS 2019 in India!

Visit us at Booth D2 at MMTS Aluminum GDC Tech 2019 in Chennai, India this Thursday, 11/28 - Saturday 11/30 at the Chennai Trade Centre. Talk with our experts to learn how our innovative solutions can help improve your refractory applications! Hear about our experiences and see our case studies using top quality, well trusted [...]

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We’ll be in India for Heat Treatment Congress 2019!

Allied is proud to be a sponsor of Heat Treatment Congress 2019 in Pune, India. Our own, Chuck Essman, will be speaking on cost effective refractory solutions for heat treating and forging furnaces with case studies to support. The audience includes a mix of heat treating professionals in the automobile, aerospace, foundry, forging and molding [...]

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