Allied Refractory Products India celebrates 10th Anniversary

Allied Refractory Products India celebrates its 10th Anniversary this month. The facility in Sanand, Ahmedabad district manufactures high-quality refractory products to the same standards used at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Since establishing itself in India in 2011, Allied has seen significant growth in the refractory industry practices. During the early years, most foundries were [...]

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Allied Mineral Products Breaks Ground on Third Manufacturing Facility in China

March 10, 2021 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Allied Mineral Products began construction of its newest Chinese manufacturing facility last week in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District of Foshan, Guangdong Province. This expansion project estimates a total investment of over 100 million yuan and 40 new employment opportunities. The new facility will measure 17,500 square meters (188,000 [...]

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Extend the Life of Your Reheat Furnaces

For nearly 60 years, Allied Mineral Products has helped improve furnace efficiency through our technical support and custom refractory solutions. Our standards allow us to tackle many refractory problems including problems seen in reheat furnaces. Allied understands the importance of strong, high performing refractory inside reheat furnaces like walking beam, pusher and rotary hearth. [...]

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Allied Mineral Products Manufactures Precast Shapes Near Johannesburg, South Africa

Allied Mineral Products opened the doors to its seventh precast shapes manufacturing facility in August 2019. Having several worldwide facilities allows us to better serve our global customers at the local level. Our South African location outside Johannesburg serves all industries in the refractory business with a focus on custom, high-quality precast shapes. Industries [...]

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Turn your furnace around in half the time with QUICK-FIRE®

Allied is focused on developing new products and perfecting installation techniques. That’s why developing a rapid turn product like QUICK-FIRE® was a priority. The two-component technology in our QUICK-FIRE® product line utilizes a liquid phosphate bonding system. This innovative system improves performance and drastically reduces downtime. Benefits Non-wetting properties to aluminum Quick set time [...]

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Protect your floors from physical impact with TUFFLOOR®

TUFFLOOR® is a long-lasting refractory solution for industrial flooring. For over 20 years, the TUFFLOOR® product line has become a trusted resource for flooring in applications where there is exposure to molten metal splash, dross and slag. The key to its success is versatility. TUFFLOOR® products have excellent freeze thaw properties and can withstand [...]

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Increase the strength of precast shapes with Allied’s X-ACT® technology!

Allied’s X-ACT® technology uses multi-component composite refractory systems to increase reliability and provide more predictable performance in precast monolithic refractory shapes. We provide a thermomechanical benefit by incorporating high temperature reinforcement structures in the refractory during the manufacturing process. This patented technology can provide manufactured precast shapes as an option where prior use may have [...]

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Our  Research & Technology team is committed to meeting our customer's needs. That's why we created a complete line of pre-mixed, high quality mortars for various applications. These mortars are designed for use with insulating fire brick, super-duty, and high alumina bricks. We've got you covered with a variety of  mortars - from a [...]

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