Turn your furnace around in half the time with QUICK-FIRE®

Allied is focused on developing new products and perfecting installation techniques. That’s why developing a rapid turn product like QUICK-FIRE® was a priority. The two-component technology in our QUICK-FIRE® product line utilizes a liquid phosphate bonding system. This innovative system improves performance and drastically reduces downtime.


  • Non-wetting properties to aluminum
  • Quick set time & rapid dry out
  • Thermal shock resistance

Where can it be used?

With a complete line of QUICK-FIRE® products, it is suitable for many applications, including harsh metal contact areas below the melt line. QUICK-FIRE® also performs well in non-metal contact areas such as doors, burner blocks and for any maintenance above the melt line.

Versatility you need

It’s obvious QUICK-FIRE® is a versatile product. It can be used as a veneer on top of an existing lining or as a repair or patch. The product can be gunned or cast into place. While QUICK-FIRE® cannot be pumped, it can easily be installed using a conveyor system – which can be a faster install than pumping.

View our case study using QUICK-FIRE® 88 as a veneer on the walls of a 220,000 lb top charge melting furnace. With a previous competitors product, this furnace typically required quarterly maintenance. After installing Allied’s QUICK-FIRE® 88, the furnace has run for over 2 years without any need for repair!

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