Precast Shapes Capabilities

Allied Mineral Products is unsurpassed in precast shape design and manufacturing.  We take pride in our six shapes production facilities and application engineering technologies that allow us to create complex, customized precast refractories of virtually any shape, up to eight metric tons.

Our Pell City Shapes Plant is approximately 15,000 square feet.  The plant consists of a 4000lb. paddle mixer, 2000 lb. pan mixer, and a 600 lb. paddle mixer.  It has one 16′ x 36′ x 10′ drying oven capable of reaching 1000°F, one 16′ x 12′ x 12′ drying oven capable of reaching 1200°F, and one 12,000 BTU portable drying unit used for cast in shell style applications.  Pell City will be adding a third drying oven and a CNC Hot Wire machine for making Styrofoam molds in spring of 2020.

Meet The Pell City Team

Left to right: Dan Siebe, Sam Grimes, and Ron Peters.

Dan Siebe – Sr. Sales Representative, Precast Shapes
*27 years of refractory experience
*15 years in precast shapes
*Extensive experience in refractories for steel & glass
*25+ years working with Autocad for designing refractory systems and precast shapes

Sam Grimes – Production Engineer, Precast Shapes
*8 years of refractory experience
*4 years in precast shapes
*2 years in designing and building fiber modules
*2 years in shapes plant operations
*8 years in Autocad design engineering
*American Petroleum Institute Certification

Ron Peters – Plant Manager, Precast Shapes
*35+ years of refractory experience total
*28 years as a Union bricklayer
*7 years in manufacturing precast shapes
*15 years in fabricating both steel and wood molds
*23 years with Riverside Refractories

Precast Shapes offer the following benefits: faster installation, minimized heat-up times, easier slag or dross removal due to lower porosity, and consistent and controlled manufacturing process.

Capabilities / Shapes Produced:

Steel – Deltas, Runners, Slag Skimmers, Skid Blocks for pusher furnaces, Impact Pads, & Ladle Bottoms
Heat Treat & Forge – Door Lintels, Door Jambs, Sills, Hearth Shapes, Pier Blocks, Ladles, Car Deck, Perimeter Blocks & Burner Blocks
Aluminum – Door Lintels, Door Jambs, Sills, Hearth Shapes & Trough Systems
Foundry – Ladles, Induction Furnace Rings & Pushout Plugs, Ladle Dams & Spouts, Furnace Spouts
Reline Capabilities – Reline of cast house tundishes, foundry ladles, pressure pouring furnaces & lids, channel furnace spouts & receivers

For more information, please contact Brad McCorkle – Precast Shapes – Sales Manager –