Our  Research & Technology team is committed to meeting our customer’s needs. That’s why we created a complete line of pre-mixed, high quality mortars for various applications.

These mortars are designed for use with insulating fire brick, super-duty, and high alumina bricks. We’ve got you covered with a variety of  mortars – from a “buttery” consistency to a dipping version. Let us work with you to achieve your desired result.

Product Advantages 

  • Consistent workability
  • Excellent performance
  • High heat resistance

Below are just some of the mortars we offer. To learn more, email us at

Mortar Information Al2O3 Packaging
DURATAB MORTAR Phosphate bonded, high alumina, heat set mortar 88% 25 kg (55 lb)
DURATAB C MORTAR Phosphate bonded, (heat set) mortar with 10% chrome addition 79% 25 kg (55 lb)
BRIKSET 85 TC Bauxite-based, high alumina, air-set mortar used in general application with high alumina brick 80% 25 kg (55 lb)
BRIKSET 65 TC Mullite-based, air-set mortar used in general applications with high alumina brick 65% 25 kg (55 lb)
BRIKSET 40 TC Fireclay-based, air set mortar used in general applications with super duty and high alumina brick 40% 25 kg (55 lb)