Celebrating 60 Years

Allied Mineral Products was established 60 years ago today. From an investment of a few thousand dollars by our founders Bob Scott and Bill Winemiller, Allied has become a multi-hundred-million-dollar, global corporation. We have operations at 12 manufacturing facilities in 8 countries. We have customers in more than 125 countries. We have over 1,000 employees located in more than 25 countries. Every day we keep our promise of “Being There Worldwide.”

With Mr. Winemiller’s retirement in 1976, we started our ESOP to empower employees to take more responsibility through company ownership. The ESOP was expanded in 1986 when Mr. Scott retired. The ESOP remains at the core of our culture today. More than 112 people have retired from Allied with their ESOP helping guarantee their financial security. And in countries where we cannot operate as an ESOP, our culture stands just as strong with employees at the center and success the common focus.

So much has happened in 60 years. We were first to go to South Africa in 1998 after apartheid ended. We were first into China in 1999 when most others stayed away. With NAFTA we saw opportunity and opened a plant in Brownsville, Texas in 2002. We built the first new refractory plant in Western Europe (The Netherlands) in many years in 2005. We boldly started in India (2011) and Russia (2017). We proved that Allied’s culture works regardless of location or nationality.

We have expanded our production, administrative, and research facilities in Columbus, Ohio and Tianjin, China. We acquired four refractory companies in 1991/97 (Matrix), 2002 (Chicago Fire Brick), and 2017 (Pryor Giggey and Riverside). We expanded into new markets and new applications globally. We remain opportunistic and focused on success.

Thank you to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our service providers. So many have had a hand in our success. And so many more will help us continue to succeed. I am proud and fortunate to lead and work with the incredible people at Allied. We have been and will continue to be successful together.

Jon R. Tabor
Chairman and CEO
Allied Mineral Products, LLC