Allied Refractory Products India celebrates 10th Anniversary

Allied Refractory Products India celebrates its 10th Anniversary this month. The facility in Sanand, Ahmedabad district manufactures high-quality refractory products to the same standards used at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Since establishing itself in India in 2011, Allied has seen significant growth in the refractory industry practices. During the early years, most foundries were using sand in their holding and transfer ladles. While a popular method, Allied provided a more efficient way of transferring metals using monolithics to extend lining life and reduce cost. Allied was a pioneer in introducing a range of premixed, boron oxide-silica-based linings for coreless induction furnaces, melting cast iron and ductile-base iron. These products were designed for use in place of traditional boric acid-based silica linings to significantly improve lining life and reduce maintenance costs. One of Allied’s most innovative technologies for the region is its LGS (Large Grain Silica) technology. Additionally, Allied introduced high alumina, spinel linings to replace the traditional method of using local magnesia. With time, these innovations greatly influenced the work habits of the foundries and gained a strong market following.

Looking back over the past decade, Bhuwan Vashishtha, Managing Director, remembers the day he was handed the first bag of finished product and the emotion that held for him. Though its packaging and lettering is fading, the first produced bag of DRI-VIBE® 782A is still displayed in the reception area in Sanand as a memory of how far this manufacturing location has come. Many of the employees celebrating this anniversary have played a crucial part from the beginning. “We have seen and will continue to see much success in India.” adds Jon R. Tabor, Chairman and CEO of Allied Mineral Products.

Allied Mineral Products is a leading global manufacturer of monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes with 12 worldwide manufacturing facilities, five precast shapes facilities, and three research and technology centers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Allied serves a wide variety of industries with innovative refractory solutions and exceptional service and support, backed by expert engineering and research teams. Allied is proud to be an employee-owned company.