Allied creates special chair to help young girl with disability

Working with the charity organization May We Help, (a foundation connecting companies to children with disabilities to create custom devices) a group of Allied employees designed and built a specialized chair for a young girl to help her with her disabilities.

Allison Elek worked for years to successfully sit up on her own. Standing or walking remains a challenge, as one of Allison’s disabilities causes her to struggle with spatial orientation. To help her, Allied engineers and maintenance employees designed and built a special chair to safely tilt and move in all directions. This movement will help Allison learn to orient herself into various positions while teaching balance, coordination and body spatial orientation as she continues to grow.

The chair is constructed from aluminum tubing fabricated by Wolf Metals and has a specialized paint job provided by Screen Machine Industries (SMI).  Wolf Metals provided material and labor at cost, and SMI donated the paint and labor for free.

After testing for alignment, Allied employees delivered Allison’s chair to her home where it took 3 hours to assemble. Allison is unable to speak, but it was clear she enjoyed her new chair. Allied will remain in touch with the Elek family to be sure the chair continues to operate correctly as Allison grows.

Thank you to May We Help for this amazing opportunity and for teaming up financially on this project, and to our employees who volunteered their time and efforts.

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