Allied and AMTS engineers share cupola expertise

Pete Satre, Allied’s Engineering Manager, and Angelo Petruccelli, Allied Mineral Technical Service’s Cupola Technology Manager, will be presenting a technical paper at the 5th International Cupola Conference, which began yesterday and continues today.

The paper details an advanced cooling system within cupola linings, a joint project developed by AMTS and Allied. The system, as the paper describes, extends campaign length, reduces refractory consumption and minimizes operational costs. Success is based on a number of implementations, including water-cooled tuyeres and shell and new technology in separators, tapholes and the melt zone. Additionally, as safety is always a priority in such applications, Satre and Petruccelli will highlight that thermal data analysis paired with the operational changes allows safely extended campaigns.

Both AMTS and Allied are staffed with industry experts that specialize in advanced solutions and support for equipment and system efficiency. This cupola cooling technology demonstrates the close relationship of the two entities and how it benefits customers.

The International Cupola Conference focuses on the latest trends and developments in cupolas and channel induction holding furnaces through a combination of workshops, lectures and a technology exhibition.