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Our ceramic refractory technology developed a product line specifically for aluminum melting, holding and transfer equipment

The aluminum industry encompasses a wide range of applications and processes. Allied understands and caters to this. Our longstanding presence in the aluminum industry began with the Matrix line of advanced ceramic refractories. Since then we’ve developed an extensive product catalog infused with our innovation, quality and consistency. Our frontline products for aluminum include WAM®, MATRIFLO, QUICK-FIRE®, BETAGUN®, INSULMIX®, ARMORMAX®, and METAL-ROK® shapes. Whether your focus is primary, secondary, foundry or die casting, we offer a solution for your refractory need.

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Our products for aluminum applications serve all areas of reverb furnaces. Our trusted product lines: WAM®, MATRIFLO, QUICK-FIRE®, BETAGUN®, INSULMIX®, ARMORMAX®, METAL-ROK® shapes.


High quality advanced ceramic refractories for working lining and maintenance of rotary furnaces. Our products have a wide range of installation methods, excellent non-wetting properties and resistance to abrasion. Our trusted product lines: QUICK CAST®, QUICK-FIRE®, BETAGUN®, ARMORMAX®, and METAL-ROK® shapes.


An assortment of products that gives us flexibility in meeting the needs of any area of stackmelting furnaces. MATRIFLO, ARMORMAX®, QUICK CAST® and QUICK-FIRE® are among our most successful product lines for this application.


We design and manufacture the best ceramic refractory products for all areas of die casting/dosing furnaces.


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