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Heat Treating and Forging

Interested in extending the life of your furnace? We can improve your heat treating and forging process

Heat treating and forging processes often involve thermal shock and mechanical abrasion. With cutting-edge, proven products like ARMORMAX® and unmatched technical and sales support, we can help extend the life of your furnaces, improve efficiency and help reduce maintenance costs.

See how Allied can benefit you with monolithic and precast refractory solutions tailored to heat treating and forging.

Solutions for all parts of the car bottom furnace, from subhearth to pier blocks. We supply a multitude of products guaranteed to help maximize furnace performance.


An extensive selection of products to serve the many sections of box-type furnaces. We are equipped to optimize your furnace performance with proven successful refractories and precast shapes.


Severe abrasion and thermal cycling are no match for Allied’s line of specialized refractories for induction coils. We have the answers to your needs, providing several castables that stand up to these harsh conditions.


Our innovative product solutions include a wide range of specialized castable refractories and customized precast shapes. Trust our advanced refractory products for your hearth and subhearth requirements.


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We produce success with our customized refractory products, proactive problem-solving, technical support and global commitment. Learn more about Allied and everything we do to benefit our customers.

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