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Allied Mineral Products offers refractory products for every furnace and industry application

Choose from more than 1,400 products developed for optimal furnace performance

As a leader in refractory technology, Allied continuously develops and refines products to suit your needs and budget. Our extensive product list addresses a variety of furnace applications for the foundry, steel, aluminum, heat treating and forging and industrial industries. We provide valued-added options that are the best solutions for your refractory needs.

Additionally, we carry a wide range of brick, insulating fiber products, mica insulation, and installation equipment. We make precast shapes and have engineering capabilities to design and manufacture complex shapes up to eight metric tons in size.

Allied’s inventory features a wide range of products essential to turnkey refractory installations. If you are unable to find the product you need, we can assist you in finding it. Or our Research and Technology Center can work with you to develop an optimal solution for your application.

A complete range of cost effective, easy to install products that offer high mechanical strength and refractoriness.


Moisture free, heat setting, dry vibratable refractories.


An assortment of moisture containing refractories installed by conventional ramming techniques.


High density refractory mixes that provide quick and easy repairs.


Flexible dry-out, excellent strength and abrasion resistance.


Fine grained, alumina and silica based refractory mortars for bonding alumina brick. Available with either heat set or air set bonding systems.


In addition to our extensive refractory products list, Allied offers a range of ancillary items to support your processes.


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