Mineral Processing: Iron Ore

Quality minerals come from quality ore dressing techniques.

Since ore processing is a critical base for many metallurgical practices, Allied enhances it with refractories designed for maximum performance and precision installation. Let us help protect your equipment from repetitive impact and wear. Our monolithic shotcrete and gunning products and precast, pre-fired refractory shapes offer the consistency and dependability ore dressing requires.

TUFFCRETE® Low Cement Vibration Cast, Pump Cast, Shotcrete
TUFF-FLO Full line of pumpable and self-flow cast products
ARMORGUN® Low Cement Gunning products
GUNCAST® Conventional & Low Cement Gunite
PRECAST SHAPES Alumina-insulated products that require precision fit in the field
METAL-ROK® Precast, pre-fired refractory shapes where abrasion impact meets the challenge of the ore process

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