The industry-preferred extreme heat-resistant concrete

Allied’s FONDU FYRE product line is the FONDU technology for launch-related systems, and has been associated with aerospace and space flight initiatives for over 60 years.

We have the products of choice for projects that support space flight initiatives and the military. Recent testing by major launch entities confirms that Fondu Fyre products are the most consistent choice for applications in these industries. Our unique refractory materials were developed specifically for and are widely used in flame deflector and launch / blast pad applications.

Product Description
Fondu Fyre WA-1 An erosion-resistant concrete designed for exposure to rocket engine exhaust for launch or test stand applications
Fondu Fyre XB-1 An erosion-resistant concrete designed for exposure to extreme conditions in rocket launch or engine test stand applications
Tuff Fyre An erosion-resistant concrete designed for exposure to less critical areas in rocket launch or engine test stand applications

FONDU FYRE products are designed to be used without prior heat tempering and require no protection from the outdoor environment. They can withstand rain, foot, vehicle traffic and the like without being damaged.

The success of these products in launch applications is due to their ability to degrade slightly in high temperature / high velocity flame erosion events. This slight degradation creates a protective layer which resists degradation throughout the course of additional launch events. Many of the FONDU FYRE installations remain in service for several years.

   The FONDU FYRE family at work:

  • Used to protect launch pad systems during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs
  • Selected for use during the Space Shuttle Program Missions which encompassed 35 years and 137 missions
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