Allied Series—BNZ made Insulating Firebrick Product


  • High Insulating Value —The light weight and high insulating value of BNZ IFB make possible thinner furnace walls, improved efficiency and lower operating
  • Strong —The high compressive strength of IFB allows for self-supporting structures at elevated temperatures. IFB are compatible with dense fire brick, and add strength to the whole construction.
  • Low Heat Storage —Lower heat storage versus dense brick means reduced fuel costs and faster heat-ups in cyclically operated heating equipment.
  • High Purity —BNZ IFB are low in impurities such as iron, which can adversely affect refractory performance in many applications. They are used in many furnaces with controlled atmospheres.


  • AMP-23 is the traditional 2300° IFB manufactured by BNZ. It has a history for excellent service in suspended arch designs under cycling conditions.
  • AMP-23 HS is a high strength ASTM 23 Grade for applications where a stronger brick than the traditional 23 is required.
  • AMP-26 is the standard ASTM Grade 26.
  • AMP-28 is the traditional ASTM Grade 28.
  • AMP-3000 has long been the standard for true ASTM Grade 30 brick. Its low reheat shrinkage at testing temperature of 2950°F is an indication of its ability to tolerate excursions above normal operating temperatures in applications such as strip annealing furnaces.


  • Recommended for use as primary hot face refractory linings or as back-up insulation behind other refractories in furnaces, flues, kilns and similar high temperature industrial equipment.