Galvanizing Alloys

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Galvanizing Alloys

We manufacture proven products that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of galvanizing alloys.

Allied has a complete and technologically advanced product line for melting aluminum and zinc alloys. We provide proven monolithic refractories for inductor, throat and uppercase applications.

Our steel fiber-reinforced DRI-VIBE® refractories offer significantly longer campaign life than competitor mixes. DRI-VIBE® hotface compositions are designed to withstand the mechanical, chemical and thermal cycling abuse common to low temperature melting.

Products Details
DRI-VIBE® 551A-FR Aluminum, 90.7% Alumina
DRI-VIBE® 558 A-FR Zinc (Inductors), 90.7% Alumina
DRI-VIBE® 592 A-FR Zinc (Inductors), 67.6% Alumina, 26.5% Silica
DRI-VIBE® 554 A-FR Copper, 82.4% Alumina
  • Benefits to all applications:
    • Near elimination of thermal shock cracking
    • Significantly longer lining life
    • Higher hot and cold strengths than traditional dry vibratables
  • Benefits to Aluminum, Zinc and Galvalume® Inductors:
    • No water, steam or gas contamination
    • No cracking during sintering or pre-sintering
    • Fast installation, pre-sintering and sintering times, leading to lower energy requirement
    • No mixing and no waste
    • Excellent thermal shock resistance