Allied Mineral Products to own and supply select Graftech products

Allied  has purchased the intellectual property rights to a collection of refractory cements and pastes previously owned by Graftech Advanced Graphite Materials.

The purchase is in response to restructuring at Graftech Advanced Graphite Materials, which ended production of several staple products for the steel, ferroalloy and iron industries. Allied seized the opportunity to meet market needs.  It will now own and supply nine key products previously from the Graftech line, including carbon and graphite based cements, ramming materials and grout.

“The acquisition of these product formulas complements ongoing initiatives at Allied and in our technical services group, AMTS, Inc.,” said Paul Jamieson, president of Allied. “They build out an existing line of installer-friendly products that will further enhance and compliment the refractory solutions we offer to our customers.”

Allied will market its new products under existing trade names, such as C34 Cement and C46 Cement.  These products will join Allied’s existing product line of clean-carbon mortars, grouts and ramming materials, marketed under the “HC” name. By offering two product lines to the niche applications, we are positioned to serve both current and new markets in the United States and internationally.

You can learn more about the products that are joining our collection here.

For more information, contact Doug Cales, Sales Representative, Carbon Monolithics, at