Allied Mineral Products sells manufacturing rights of Minro-Investment (former SATIN CAST™) products to Ransom & Randolph

Allied Mineral is no longer manufacturing or selling MINRO-INVESTMENT (formerly SATIN CAST™) products. We’ve sold the formula and manufacturing rights to Ransom & Randolph in Maumee, Ohio. Effective immediately, Ransom & Randolph will use existing formulations and raw materials to manufacture and sell this product line.


Both Allied Mineral and Ransom & Randolph value your business and wish to provide a seamless transition. Ransom & Randolph is contacting our current customers to confirm your product needs and will extend your pricing from Allied.

Our production team took great pride in manufacturing this line and have enjoyed you as our customer. Thank you for your loyal service! We know you are in good hands with the great people at Ransom & Randolph.

For more information, contact:

Scott Todd, Sales Manager
Ransom & Randolph
Phone: (419) 794-1226

Deanna Lett Davis & Marti Hunyor, Customer Service
Ransom & Randolph
Phone: (419) 865-9497 or US (800) 800-7496