Allied Mineral Products Manufactures Precast Shapes Near Johannesburg, South Africa

Allied Mineral Products opened the doors to its seventh precast shapes manufacturing facility in August 2019. Having several worldwide facilities allows us to better serve our global customers at the local level. Our South African location outside Johannesburg serves all industries in the refractory business with a focus on custom, high-quality precast shapes.

Industries served:

  • Iron, Steel and Ferroalloy
  • Cement, Lime and Mineral Manufacturing
  • Aluminum, Copper and Platinum Smelters
  • Foundry
  • Boiler and Incineration
  • Heat Treating

Our engineering capabilities allow us to expertly design and manufacture complex preformed shapes of virtually any size and shape. We can even create precast shapes from existing drawings or shapes.

In addition to its local convenience, our shapes manufacturing plant brings additional benefits like foundry crucibles, furnace structural parts, EAF deltas and spouts, tilters and skimmer blocks, dampers and divider walls, incinerator shapes, and rotary furnace shapes.

Interested in learning what Allied Mineral Products can do for your refractory and precast shape needs?