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Our durable, micro-toughening refractory products are capable of meeting the harsh conditions of molten metal applications. We provide DRI-VIBE® products, plasters and plastics and castables that have been designed specifically for tundishes. They offer these benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Flexible dry-out
  • Improved thermal cycling characteristics
  • Precast shapes capabilities

Steel Alloy Tundish

Area Products
Floor/Sidewall CW 965 CASTABLE
LCF 384A
Tundish Coatings CW 85 KOTE
T-COAT® 692M
T-COAT® 689M

Copper Tundish

Area Products
Tundish Coatings
Additional Products Metering Pins and Rods (Link to Stoppers and Nozzles)

Iron Tundish

Area Products
Floor/Sidewall LCF
Tundish Coatings T-COAT®

Vacuum Tundish

Area Products
Floor/Sidewall Precast Shapes (Link): Ultra-high purity with 70% or 90% alumina added
Tundish Coatings

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