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Allied Delivers Advanced Refractory Solutions Worldwide

Our sales, research and engineering teams will be there for you

Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Allied Mineral Products has grown into a global company and leading producer of monolithic refractory products. We serve multiple industries with a commitment to providing exceptional service and top quality refractories and precast shapes.

Our global sales force helps drive our success, with a commitment to being there to provide unmatched service and assistance. We maintain a strong worldwide presence and have sales to more than 100 countries — supported by 5 precast shape facilities and 12 manufacturing facilities in 8 countries and a sales presence in over 100.

Our dedicated 145+ sales representatives around the globe help customers achieve the best refractory solutions for their applications. From purchasing to end of service life, our sales team offers a superior level of support.

Allied’s innovative product solutions are backed by our expert research and engineering teams. We boast three research and development facilities, located in the U. S. and China. Our unique product testing and design engineering capabilities, and an active new product development program, allow us to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Our catalog features more than 1,400 products, and we customize complete refractory solutions for virtually any industry application. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities — a network of manufacturing, research, distribution facilities and sales support — ensures our ability to provide superior response time.

We are proud to be an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Allied is powered by high-quality employees who work in a productive, strategic and synergetic culture.

The Allied Way has a lot of meaning, and a lot of history. Above all, we are dedicated to “being there worldwide with refractory solutions.”

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We produce success with our customized refractory products, proactive problem-solving, technical support and global commitment. Learn more about Allied and everything we do to benefit our customers.

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