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Allied is unsurpassed in precast shape design and manufacturing

We boast six shapes production facilities and application engineering technologies that allow us to create complex, customized precast ceramics shapes up to ten metric tons.

We can customize a precast shape from a drawing or existing structure. We are known for our capabilities in crucibles, furnace structural components, ladles, tundishes and much more.

A precast shape from Allied offers these benefits:

  • Faster installation
  • Minimized heat-up times
  • Easier slag or dross removal due to lower porosity
  • Consistent and controlled manufacturing process

Learn how our precast shapes can optimize performance

Precast Shapes Brochure

A complete and proven line of shapes for all vessels and equipment used in foundry processes. Our foundry precast shapes can tolerate the unique requirements of virtually any molten alloy.


Our METAL-ROK® shapes for molten aluminum applications include reverb furnaces, die casting furnaces, runners, tundishes, funnels and more.


Get specialization and customization with Allied’s precast ceramic refractory shapes.


Precast ceramic and METAL-ROK® shapes are ideal for customers who need dependable, durable products for their industrial applications including asphalt, cement, lime, iron ore and much more.


Capabilities include hearths, car tops, walls, curbs, burner blocks and pier blocks. Allied is the leading producer of precast shapes for heat treating and forging applications.


Advanced precast shape designs enhance furnace productivity and reduce downtime. Our innovative product designs translate to solutions for troughs, runners, hearths, transfer equipment and EAF components.


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We produce success with our customized ceramic refractory products, proactive problem-solving, technical support and global commitment. Learn more about Allied and everything we do to benefit our customers.

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