Mineral Processing: Cement

Allied meets cement market needs with uniquely manufactured refractories featuring enhanced mineral additions.

We design conventional castables and gun mixes with controlled set time options for rapid installation, shotcreting, pumping, casting and gunning. Our extensive product offerings cater to cement processing; they exhibit excellent thermal cycling capabilities and outstanding resistance to corrosion, alkalis and abrasion.

METAL-ROK®: The ultimate ceramic-metal composite that can withstand a variety of destructive temperature environments. METAL-ROK is sold only as a precast shape.

Impact applications | Protection shapes | Abrasion tubes | Armor shields | High abrasion / High wear components | Kiln nose rings shapes

Our TUFFCRETE® product line is considered the best shotcreting product in the industry.

TUFFCRETE® Low Cement Vibration Cast, Pump Cast, Shotcrete
ARMORGUN® Low Cement Gunite
FAST-TURN® Low Cement, Accelerated Heat Up
GUNCAST® Conventional & Low Cement Gunite
DURABOND G® No Cement, Chemical Bonded Gun Mix
QUICK-FIRE® No Cement, Liquid Phos-bond Cast & Gun
MATRILITE G® Insulating Gunite
INSULMIX® Insulating Gunite & Castable

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