Fully fired, non-wetting ceramic linings distributed exclusively by Allied

CeraLoop™ forms are composed of dense, erosion resistant, non-wetting materials manufactured by Blasch Precision Ceramics. These properties provide the ideal situation for use in non-ferrous alloy applications. The loops pre-fired technology provides consistency at start up and extends throughout the campaign. Customized forms are designed to fit your specific furnace needs. Installation is quick and simple.

CeraLoop™ is backed with Allied’s DRI-VIBE® or castable refractory. These back up products will develop a quality hot face and can serve as a working lining.


  • Consistent inductor start up and campaigns
  • Tailored to specific application needs
  • Faster heat up
  • Pre-fired hot face reduces saturation during start up and sintering
  • Start up furnace on any alloy

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