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As an affiliate of Allied Mineral Products, Allied Mineral Products South Africa has provided quality refractories and precast shapes to South Africa and its surrounding African countries since 1998.

Allied’s South African facility offers a wide variety of product formulations for applications in melting and holding furnaces and transfer vessels for various industries. Allied can offer a variety of advantages:

  • Custom engineering designs
  • Extensive research and development testing
  • Quality, consistent refractory ceramics
  • Precast shapes for a variety of industries

New Precast Shape Facility

In 2019, Allied began producing shapes in its Johannesburg location. The shapes facility is capable of creating a variety of shapes for customers in the melting and holding furnaces and transfer vessel applications.

Allied Mineral Products precast shape centers have access to over 1,000 refractory product formulations catering to specific application requirements. With over 50 years of experience in refractory shapes production, Allied prides itself on delivering high quality shapes to customers all over the world.

Allied’s precast shape facility in South Africa offers the following services:

  • Design Engineering
  • Mould fabrication
  • Material supply and casting
  • Curing and firing of shapes
Precast Shape Process
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