Power: Coal-Fired

Many of our daily activities are made possible by the energy-harnessing technology of coal-fired power plants.

Their equipment must function optimally, with the use of high-quality materials. Allied provides that – worldwide-leading refractory products to stand up to all power plant applications.

Allied provides solutions for:

Cyclones | Burner Covers | Ash Hoppers | Cricket Walls | Boiler Floor | Ash Seal | Slag Maintenance

A complete line of refractory products that includes:

Dense castables | Abrasion Resistant Refractory | Insulating Refractories | Plastics | Gunning Refractories | Shotcreting Refractories | Precast Shapes

TUFFCRETE® Low Cement Vibration Cast, Pump Cast, Shotcrete
ARMORGUN® Low Cement Gunite
FAST-TURN® Self-flow, Pump, Trowel, Brush
GUNCAST® Low Cement, Vibration Cast
METAL-ROK® Precast, Pre-fired Refractory Shapes

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