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TUFFLOOR products improve turnaround time, reduce wear and maintenance expense

Allied’s TUFFLOOR line of products is designed for floor areas subjected to high temperatures, physical impact, thermal cycling and intermittent exposure to liquid metal or dross.

TUFFLOOR products can be installed as a complete floor, over existing (or new) concrete or as precast tiles and provide several features:

  • Delivers faster project turnaround time due to early strength development
  • Exceeds the cold crushing strength of conventional concrete
  • Reduces maintenance time and expense
  • Provides safer working surfaces
  • Minimizes wear on mobile equipment
  • Custom colors available
  • Excellent freeze-thaw properties

Protect your floors from physical impact, thermal cycling and exposure to liquid metal or dross.

Benefits of TUFFLOOR flooring in your facility:

  • Early strength development and faster project turnaround time
  • Cold crushing strength that exceeds conventional concrete
  • Reduced maintenance time and expenses
  • Safer working surfaces
  • Less wear on mobile equipment
  • Excellent freeze-thaw properties
  • Available in multiple colors
TUFFLOOR Product family
TUFFLOOR The strongest and most versatile in the product line
TUFFLOOR HT Capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up
to 1370°C (2500°F) & intermittent temperatures
up to 1427°C (2600°F)
TUFFLOOR HT ACX All the benefits of TUFFLOOR HT + non-wetting additive.
Capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up to
1315°C (2400°F) & intermittent temperatures up
to 1370°C (2500°F)

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