Stainless & Ceramic Anchors

No refractory lining is complete without the components that keep it in place

Ceramic anchors are typically used for lining thicknesses greater than 9 inches or for temperatures above 2000°F (1094°C).

Ceramic anchors are available in lengths from 9 inches to 18 inches. Anchors can be cut to a specific size as required. Their refractory composition includes 60% Alumina, 70% Alumina and phos-bonded 80% Alumina.

Allied stocks a variety of compositions and lengths. We feature brands from Alsey and other U.S. manufacturers.

Grade Shape Continuous Limit
304 Melt Extract 1100°C  /  2012°F
310 Melt Extract 1200°C  /  2192°F
330 Melt Extract 1204°C  /  2200°F
430 Melt Extract 1000°C  /  1832°F
446 Melt Extract 1204°C  /  2200°F

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