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Our priority is maximizing the efficiency of every customer’s process, in every way possible. That’s why we carry trusted flux materials from ASI International. Fluxes come in many forms and can serve several different purposes. Whatever alloy you’re working with, and whether you need help with cleaning, flow or purification, Allied can help find the flux you need.

Fluxes for Aluminum

Cleaning & Drossing
Product Details
AlucoFlux AL
  • For high temperature aluminum drossing-off
  • Generates some smoke
  • Can serve as a mild furnace/ladle wall cleaner
AlucoFlux GD
  • Fast-acting
  • Reduced smoke
  • For very high temperature drossing-off
  • Used for all alloys except aluminum-magnesium
  • Can serve as a mild furnace/ladle wall cleaner
AlucoFlux GD2
  • Generates little smoke
  • Ideal for all aluminum alloys, especially strontium-containing
  • Used in crucibles and reverb furnaces
  • Burning of removed dross not encouraged
AlucoFlux GD3
  • Very low smoke generation
  • Ideal for all aluminum alloys and use in crucibles and reverbs
  • Burning of removed dross not encouraged
AlucoFlux GD5
  • Low smoke generating
  • Cover and drossing-off flux suitable for reverb furnaces
  • Reduces metal oxidation and helps separation from dross
AlucoFlux DS2 Similar to GD5
AlucoFlux GRC Designed specifically for low temperature operations
For Aluminum-Silicon Alloys
AlucoFlux HS
  • Great cover for all aluminum alloys besides aluminum-magnesium
  • Specifically for aluminum-silicon alloys
  • Some sodium pickup
  • Can serve as a mild furnace wall cleaner
For Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys
AlucoFlux HM
  • Ideal for high magnesium aluminum alloys
  • No sodium
  • Used in crucibles
For Sodium-Free Reactions
AlucoFlux SF
  • Alkaline-based, exothermic cover and drossing flux
  • Acts similar to a fluoride-containing compound
  • Generates smoke
  • Ideal for all aluminum alloys, particularly silicon-aluminum
  • Used in reverb furnaces
  • Can affect aluminum modification
  • Helps control buildup
AlucoFlux SFM
  • Sodium and calcium-free
  • Mildly exothermic
  • Suitable for aluminum-magnesium alloys
  • Ideal for separating dross from metal in reverbs
  • Helps minimize oxidation of magnesium

Electric Furnace & Refractory Cleansing Fluxes

Cleaning, Drossing, Cover
Product Details
REDUX EF40L Briquettes
  • Performs like fluorspar-based fluxes without “fluorine emissions”
  • No aggressive refractory interactions
  • Prevents slag buildup in furnaces and ladles, extends life of refractories
  • Use with charge to improve melting efficiency and metal quality
  • Great performance in electric furnaces
REDUX EF40 Bricks
  • Performs like fluorspar-based fluxes without “fluorine emissions”
  • No aggressive refractory interactions
  • Prevents slag buildup in furnaces and ladles, extends life of refractories
  • Use with charge to improve melting efficiency and metal quality
  • Great performance in electric furnaces
  • Faster-acting version of REDUX EF40L Briquettes
  • Cleans metal and prevents buildup in ladles and holding furnaces
  • Use with charge or as an addition to reduce entrained slags
  • Not harmful to refractories when used as directed
Ladle Flux #2
  • For cleaning gray and ductile iron ladles
  • Contains minimal fluorides
  • Assists with slag-free casting by lowering the melting point and viscosity of the slag and allowing it to rise to the surface for skimming
Ladle Flux 007
  • Fluoride-containing gray and ductile iron ladle flux
  • Includes some magnesium and slag coagulant for enhanced performance
Ladle Flux 008
  • Fluoride-containing ladle flux specifically for ductile iron with magnesium, rare earths and graphite
  • Can reduce magnesium ferrosilicon treatment alloys and post-inoculants

Fluxes for Copper, Magnesium and Zinc, Lead, Tin, Antimony

Cleaning, Drossing, Cover
Product Details
AlucoFlux YB
  • For copper-zinc alloys
  • Not for manganese-bronze alloys
  • Generates dry powder dross cover
AlucoFlux GB
  • For copper and bronze alloys
  • Keeps unit clean
  • Reduces zinc loss and fuming
  • Generates glassy dross
  • Promotes higher metal recovery
AlucoFlux PC
  • Oxidizing and degassing for copper, brass, bronze
  • Removes impurities
  • Creates oxidizing conditions that lower hydrogen levels
  • Follow with deoxidation with AlucoFlux DO or other deoxidizers
AlucoFlux DO
  • Deoxidizing flux
  • For copper-nickel, aluminum-bronze, manganese-bronze, pure coppers
  • eliminates need for inert degassing when used before pouring
  • Work into metal or add to pour
  • Performs well in induction furnace channels – removes oxide buildup
AlucoFlux SB
  • Protective cover for melting yellow brass and high-zinc alloys – prevents zinc fuming and loss
  • Absorbs non-metallic impurities so they can be skimmed off
Cleaning for Aluminum-Bronze
AlucoFlux AB
  • Ideal for gas-fired and electric induction units
  • Specifically for aluminum and manganese bronze
  • Cleans oxides and slag in furnace and crucible walls and induction channels
  • Generates fluid melting cover which collects and dissolves oxides
  • Minimizes oxidation and gas absorption
  • Eliminates wall buildup in copper alloy units
  • Degasses and reduces metal loss when worked into melt
AlucoFlux AB-2 Stronger version of AB
For Furnace Wall Cleaning
AlucoFlux FW
  • Great for cleaning reverb walls while avoiding affecting refractories
  • Melts, softens oxides and dross-metal buildup for easier scraping
  • Helps keep metal clean and enhances furnace performance
  • Not for electric glow-bar furnaces
AlucoFlux FW-11
  • Finer, economical version of FW
  • Applied with Flux guns
  • Removes oxide build-up in aluminum melting units, except electric glow-bar
  • Additionally used for dross treatment in dross buggy
AlucoFlux FWC
  • Potent and fluoride-containing for aggressive cleaning wall buildup
AlucoFlux ILD
  • Protects reverb and electric glow-bar furnace walls form oxide buildup
  • Also serves as a cover flux for preventing magnesium loss
Magnesium and Aluminum-Magnesium
AlucoFlux MG Series
  • Quick melt to form protective blanket and prevent oxidation and burning
  • Prevents and extinguishes fires
  • Oxides generated in melting will drop to crucible bottom
  • Viscosity increase over time forms good cover
  • Not for rare earth alloys
AlucoFlux MG-1
  • Cover and cleaning flux for magnesium alloys
  • Fluid cover (must have ¼” +)
  • Prevents and extinguishes magnesium fires
AlucoFlux MG-5 Barium-free version of MG-1
AlucoFlux MG-8 Develops a thicker and heavier cover than MG-1
Zinc, Lead, Tin, Antimony
AlucoFlux ZN-2
  • Drossing and cleaning for low temperature alloys
  • Develops light, powdery dross that is low in metallic and can easily be skimmed
  • Fast-acting, exothermic zinc drossing
  • Moderate smoke evolution
  • Recommended use with power mixers
  • For situations desiring fast-acting, red-hot dross
AlucoFlux GFP
  • Meets non-fuming requirements
  • Low-smoke
  • Used in pre-fluxing bath
AlucoFlux GFL
  • Meets non-fuming requirements
  • Generates a fluid, liquid blanket and recovers quickly after dipping

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