Eventually your furnace will experience a run-out.

Prevent a Steam Explosion with Emergency Run-Out Pits (ROPs) by Silmeta Systems

30+ Years • 500+ Installations • 200+ Breakouts • 0 Injuries or Property Damage
Emergency Run-Out Pits (ROPs) by Silmeta Systems are safety systems installed directly beneath induction, crucible, and other types of furnaces to stop steam explosions in the event of a furnace breakout or emergency tapping. These systems can be installed as a new installation or  a retrofit (contingent upon site-specific limitations).

About the Technology
Five key features of Silmeta’s ROPs ensure steam explosions are prevented:
• The run-out beneath the furnace is lined with Silmeta Foam-ceramic and safely directs the melt to the pit.
• The pit holds 120% of the maximum furnace contents, eliminating melt overflow.
• Precast ceramic shapes and ventilation areas protect the foundation from heat stress.
• Silmeta’s patented Foam-ceramic properly sinters to isolate the molten metal from water.
• All water is drained through the permeable Foam-ceramic pit floor and walls—even if the pit floor is dirty or soaked with water.

Benefits of Silmeta System ROPs
The smart design of these ROPs means they provide the best safety possible, while saving time and money:
• Injuries and property damage related to steam explosions are eliminated.
• The solid metal mass is readily removed with the pre-installed crane hooks.
• The ROP can be reinstalled in a matter of days, resulting in less time and cost to get back to work than other collection pits.

Silmeta’s ROPs are an essential tool for safety-focused and cost-conscious foundries. Allied Mineral Products is the exclusive supplier of Silmeta Systems’ ROPs in North America.

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