Prevent a Steam Explosion with Run-Out Pit Modules – The Quick Solution

About the Technology
• Easy to inspect and check safety condition
• Simple and fast construction; install can be done by foundry staff which results in short plant downtime
• Low use of resources
• Safety system proven to prevent steam explosions

Advantages of Silmeta System ROP Modules
The smart design of these ROP Modules means they provide the best safety possible, while saving time and money:
• Easy to inspect and check safety condition.
• Not sensitive to contamination, easy to clean, and easy to repair. Maintenance and repair can be done by factory staff.
• Replacement of individual modules possible and spare parts can be stocked on site.
• Dust-free demolition and easy disposal or recycling.

Silmeta’s ROPs are an essential tool for safety-focused and cost-conscious foundries. Allied Mineral Products is the exclusive supplier of Silmeta Systems’ ROPs in North America.

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