Pre-fired, non-wetting ceramic linings distributed exclusively by Allied

CeraLoop™ forms are composed of dense, erosion resistant, non-wetting materials manufactured by Blasch Precision Ceramics. These properties provide the ideal situation for use in non-ferrous alloy applications and can be engineered to fit any process.

With an established relationship of over 20 years, Blasch and Allied work together in different capacities of the molten metal industry. Through this partnership, Allied has become the exclusive worldwide distributor of CeraLoop™ forms.

Blasch’s CeraLoop™ is a single component added into Allied’s inductor technology system which uses DRI-VIBE® or castable refractory products as a backup.


  • Consistent inductor start up and campaigns
  • Tailored to specific application needs
  • Faster heat up
  • Pre-fired hot face reduces saturation during start up and sintering
  • Start up furnace on any alloy
  • Made in the USA

Learn more on our website or download our CeraLoop™ Flyer.

About Blasch Precision Ceramics

Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics provides innovative solutions for the world’s toughest refractory applications. Blasch produces premium quality net shape refractory ceramic shapes and systems for a variety of manufacturing and process industries throughout the world, including aerospace metal processing, chemical processing, petrochemical refining, power generation, non-ferrous metal processing, industrial process heating, mining, minerals processing, cement and wear. For more information, visit