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Eventually your furnace will experience a breakout.

Silmeta’s Emergency Run-Out Pits (ROPs) system

The run-out is beneath the furnace and it directs the molten metal to the pit, which holds 120% of the maximum furnace contents. The floor beneath the furnace and the run-out pit is made of precast, heat-absorbing elements. The Silmeta system is in the “pit-within-the-pit” where they invented and designed their Emergency Run-Out Pits (ROPs) system with patented materials to prevent the water-molten metal combustion that can occur during an explosion.

About the technology

  • The “pit-within-the-pit” area is lined with Silmeta’s patented Foamceramic material
  • Properly sinters to isolate the molten metal
  • Drains water present – even when soaked with water
  • System can be adapted or retrofitted to a current system

Why Silmeta’s Emergency Run-Out Pits (ROPs) system?

After the molten metal has cooled in the pit, the solid metal mass is quickly and easily removed by means of the pre-installed crane hooks. The ROP can be reinstalled in a matter of days, resulting in a faster and less expensive restoration to operations than other collection pits.

Benefits of the system:

  • Eliminates injuries from breakouts.
  • Reduce time and cost to get back to work after a breakout.
  • An essential tool for safety-focused and cost-conscious foundries.

Allied Mineral Products has partnered with Silmeta Systems to become the exclusive supplier of ROP’s in North America.
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