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Products you know and trust for Jewelry Investment applications

Allied Mineral Products’ MINRO Investment refractory powders offer application-specific formulations that utilize only the highest quality raw materials, delivering a superior level of strength and accuracy. Decades of research and quality control practices have gone into the development of consistent materials that will meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. Our legacy products for jewelry casting are recognized by the world’s finest jewelers as the investments that deliver the finest results.

Allied is committed to helping you produce quality castings, every time.

Previous Product Name New MINRO Investments Name Application
KERR CAST 2000 KC2000 & KC2000 EW Gold, Silver, Brass
SATIN CAST 20 SC20 & SC20 EW Highest Quality Gold and Silver
SATIN CAST DIAMANTE SC-D & SC-D EW Highest Quality Stone in Place
SATIN CAST XTREME SC-X & SC-X EW Highest Quality White Gold
SUPERVEST 20 SV20 & SV20 EW Large Investment Casting in Gold and Silver
PLATINITE SC-P Platinum & Stainless Steel

*EW = extended working time

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Mixing Instructions for SC Series, KC2000, SV20
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