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Slip Plane & Mica

A large selection of slip plane solutions that help protect induction furnace coils

Allied supplies Elmelin mica lining materials of all sizes and temperature grades. These products have proven to be effective as a slip-plane between induction furnace coil grout and the lining.

Mica flexibility allows the furnace lining to expand and contract more freely, protecting it from cracking. It also assists in refractory lining removal.

Contact us for a slip plane product recommendation to meet your specific requirements.

Product Roll width Nominal thickness Roll length Heat resistance
ELMELEC CM 30 SRP 3.35 ft. / 1.02m 0.13in. / 3.3mm 41ft / 12.5m 2200°F / 1200°C
ELMELEC VAPORSHIELD PLUS 3.35 ft. / 1.02m 3.45mm / 0.136in. 10, 12.5, 25m / 32.8, 41, 82 ft. 1200°C / 2200°F
ELMELEC ELMESH Exposed mesh 1 side: 3.28ft. / 1.0m
Exposed mesh 2 side: 3.28ft. / 1.0m
 – 41ft. / 125m 2200°F/1200°C
ELMELEC MR SSM MICA SHEET Std. Sheet size: 3.28 sq. ft. / 1.0 sq. m Thickness range: 1.18in. – 1.97in. / 3cm – 5cm  – 1800°F /1000°C
ELMELEC GM 40 SRP 40in. / 1.02m 0.014in. / 0.35mm  82ft. (standard) / 25m 2200°F /1200°C

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